Kim Bishop Delivers a Spiritual World War in New Novel

Kim Bishop Delivers a Spiritual World War in New Novel

A battle for the soul of humanity plays out in a future where personal freedom hangs in the balance

Modern democracies and constitutional republics divide power among different branches of government to ensure that no one group or person can wrench full control of the people of nation. But, what happens when an emergency prompts people to centralize the political power of the nation? Exploring this idea in her new novel, Kim Bishop delivers “Resistance: The Revelations” (published by WestBow Press), an adventure book infused with political intrigue, conspiracy theories and spiritual warfare.

Archaeologist Jason Fox is on a quest to find a deserted government facility in the deserts of California. Little does he know, he is a pawn in a global conspiracy which wants to release a horde of demonic beings from their hiding in an ancient cave. These creatures’ sole purpose is to take over the minds of world leaders and other humans to facilitate the beginning of a new world order.

The year is 2020, and following an environmental disaster, the political power of the world has funneled directly into the hands of the United Nations which began instilling strict controls and taking more and more freedom away from people. Resistance fighters look to take down these leaders when a few power-hungry leaders conspire to seize control from the United Nations using the demonic hoard.

As the conspiracy plan takes hold, religious leaders and spiritual individuals attempt to breathe morality back into the culture of leadership in the world. Imagining what happens when the scales teeter between good and evil, Bishop offers readers insightful and exciting windows into the power of “Resistance.”

About the Author

Kim Bishop enjoys studying different religions, political systems and conspiracy theories. The reality of spiritual warfare in the world has inspired her to write this story of the power of prayer over the realms of darkness both on the spiritual and physical planes. She lives in Strasburg, Virginia, with her husband, youngest son and three cats.

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Posted On: STRASBURG, Va. November 04, 2011

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