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Introducing the Land Patent Power Webinar, this one hundred dollar ($100.00) value (currently free) educational multi-media eClass and Webinar reveals Little Known hidden in plain sight information about God and Country – Law and Government and Land Patents, containing “Blow Your Mind” information that you have probably never heard before, but you will see it now in black and white. You may even be thinking at this point these topics are boring or relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things or this information is unlikely to help you right now with an issue(s), but after seeing this Webinar you will likely recognize that is not the case.

The Reluctant Prophet Net, and Help to Stop Foreclosure Net Host Guy Te Presents “Land Patent Power” a  currently free Webinar that reveals the origins and power of the “Land Patent” as an important element to possibly  help one with stopping foreclosure or with many other land and real property related issues.  The origins and power of true ownership of land has been hidden from the people and this currently free Webinar will reveal the truth and give you critical information you need to see if a land patent update would be of use to you and your family and friends.

This quick but detailed 90 minute presentation covers a good deal more than just land patents in order to set the foundations needed to comprehend the idea of what a land patent is.

As you attend the Webinar you are likely to be surprised and shocked by some of the things you hear. You may also find yourself elated and glad and filled with hope at times, and at other times you may feel down right mad about some of the things revealed as you ponder them, so be prepared.

There may be significant benefits to you and your property ownership control and rights in your favor when getting a land patent assignment update into your name. The following types of information and relief or other benefits may be yours and/or is covered in this Webinar:

  1. Significantly more and stronger property control recognized by the courts and cites
  2. Possible Zoning regulation relief
  3. Real True Ownership of Land as Opposed to Only Appearance of Ownership by Deeds
  4. Possible Significant Help with Stopping Foreclosure
  5. Possible Tax Relief
  6. Jurisdictions relating to Land Patents is also covered and is very important

Whether you know nothing about land patents or know a little or a lot, you stand to find out valuable information you did not know that can help you or even be life changing.

There are those in North America that would take away your freedoms, and having power and control over lands is a big part of the taking away of freedoms, so maintain or recover some of the freedoms and/or liberties that have been lost to you by finding out the truth that this Webinar uncovers and acting on it, as the Lord of  Lords and King of Kings says “… The truth shall make you free.”

Find out what has been kept from you all this time. You don’t want to miss this one because this eClass Webinar is relatively short but power packed and may only be available for free for a short limited time, so please signup today and tell all your family and friend about it too!

There are no guarantees but you need to see this Land Patent Power Webinar to see the types of benefits a land patent may bring to you and decide whether a land patent assignment update into your name may help you with your particular circumstances and  desires pertaining to your land and house/property and ownership of it.


Land Patent Webinar Sign Up

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