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I have been doing a lot of research lately in a few different areas and I have uncovered information of great importance for peoples health and real dangers concerning Pharmaceutical Drugs that people need to be made aware of, so I am sending you this first of three emails that you can forward to your list of contacts if you please. Everyone that is concerned about their health and the health of their family and friends needs to check this out and pass it on, especially you should pass it on to others that still believe that taking Pharmaceutical Drugs is relatively safe.

First this currently free report “Are Pharmaceutical Drugs Deceptive or Hidden Wormwood Hemlock Poisons?” contains my research and information and I would encourage everyone to do their own research and contact me with any additional information.

Everyone can pass this on to their family and friend to help them be informed.


Just Like in this Cartoon the stuff in this Special Report is a big one they hope you never find out about.

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Please Check Out the content on because it contains much critical information where some day, even some day soon, Your Life may depend on it. You’ll see why when you get there the more you check it out. You are pretty much guaranteed to find out about aspects of reality you never knew before that you are likely to find hard to believe or incredible or even miraculous at times.


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In Christ – as He is so are we in this world 1 John 4:17

Guy Te


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Are Pharmaceutical Drugs Deceptive or Hidden Wormwood Hemlock Poisons – Primer



Research would suggest that the people in the United States of America and other countries are being lied to by redefinition with regards to pharmaceutical drugs. This special report delves into Eschatology and the End Times Revelation – Wormwood Star – Poison Hemlock and other matters and exposes that the truth about pharmaceutical drugs is being covered up by cryptic notice of their real primary effects which effects are not chiefly to heal the body.

In my Special ReportAre Pharmaceutical Drugs Deceptive or Hidden Wormwood Hemlock Poisons?” I delve into the mysteries behind an ancient prophecy in a time-honored text recognized by the United States Congress and a President of the United States of America as “The Word of God.”

This ancient text, which has never been wrong to date in its predictions of future events, reveals that there will be huge deceptions taking place in this world resulting in the end of the world as we know it. And this ending brings in a new day of peace and safety for the peoples of the world, but first there will be deceptions, one major deception of which this report exposes, and you will see clearly how it is happening today.

You will find out that you may be being lied to about the true primary and side effects of the drugs your medical doctor is prescribing or advising you to take over the counter. Are they the real side effects of the drug compound that the doctor is recommending to you? Find out!  See why the side effect may not be just that but are many times worse than you think and just called side effects.

You will see that pharmaceutical medications are not by definition only beneficial healing substances, but they have a dark side Revelation wormwood hemlock effect that is hidden from the patient and people in general.

This quick little nine (9) page report blows the lid off of the hidden purpose of making, providing or administering the drugs in your local pharmacy store.  The real purpose is revealed to be for business, money and other reasons, and not just for the healing of the sick.

There is a deceptive and apparently intentional mixture of positive and negative properties that are incorporated into the drugs produced and recommended by the medical industry of today. But the extent of the problem is rarely seen and this report gets to the heart of the matter, so you will see exactly what the devastating problem is and why so many people die from the use of these drugs instead of being healed by them.

Though it is a worse problem for those who take pharmaceutical drugs, these hidden dangers are a problem for more than just people that take these drugs since news reports over the last several years have shown that these pharmaceutical medications are winding up in wild life water sources and water supplies and get into people’s houses and their drinking and bathing water all over North America. Go to the following site to check out a brief news report on this:

So you have seen from this primer that, there is a hidden dark side to the effects of pharmaceutical medications, there is a cover-up when it comes to the side effects of the drugs, and the reality behind these effects may be worse than you think. Furthermore, you have learnt, there is an ancient prophecy in a time-honored text that the United States Congress and a President of the United States of America recognizes it as “The Word of God,” and you will find out the public law that declares this in the Special Report.

You have also found out in this primer that there is an apparent intentional cover-up of the true primary properties of medical drugs and in the report you will find out how this cover-up has been put into effect.

Also, there are devastating effects of drugs for a hidden reason and this report gets to and reveals the heart of the matter, so there is little to no question as to exactly what one is doing when he or she takes in a pharmaceutical drug which includes these dark side effects.

This problem is affecting wild life and the people in general not just those taking medical drugs, though it is worse for them.

What I call in-the-natural “Wormwood Waters Effect” from the Book of Revelation eschatology and end times perspective is occurring right now, and water sources throughout North America are being affected.

For many, you will read this report and it could be a life changing experience.

So find out the rest of this shocking story and to secure your copy of this Special Report go to: and register for a free Secret Solutions membership where you can download this hard hitting report and have access to lots of other eye opening information of just as critical or more importance, get access Now! While its Free!


In the Year of Our Lord, April twenty third, two-thousand and twelve,

Pray the Lord be with us, His People.

Investigative Researcher

In Christ – as He is so are we in this world, 1 John 4:17

By: steward, Guy Te’, House of ‘ab-hū-ben-shamayim


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